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2020 Calendar PHOTO'S PLEASE
1/11/18 11:48:31 PM
Don't forget to send me photos of your rescue dogs for the 2020 Rescue Calendar. If you take them in high res they stand a better chance of being included. Once received I will forward them onto the Calendar Company and they will choose a winner, the photo will be on the front page of the Calendar. Also we need photos of dogs in snow for the next batch of Christmas cards, the ones for the cards do not need to be rescue dogs. Thanks, please email photos to graythor1@gmail.com or send to L Middleton, 1-3 edge end lane, Nelson, Lancs. BB90PR. PLEASE, I NEED MORE PHOTO'S

1/11/18 11:36:12 PM
Need photos from UK rescue Elkhounds please for the 2020 Elkhound rescue fund calendar I would like to thank everyone who sent in your photos, I still have a few for next time, but we allways need photos of your rescue's email to graythor1@gmail.com thank you.

Christmas Cards
15/2/18 4:06:51 PM
If you have had snow take the opportunity to take some cracking shots of your dogs in the snow, they do not need to be rescues but good clear shots of the dog/s please email to graythor1@gmail.com thanks in advance, Linda

Christmas Cards
21/11/17 9:34:41 PM

Plus dont forget your photos of Elkhounds in the snow, send to graythor1@gmail.com

thanks, Linda

Car Stickers for sale
19/4/17 11:40:38 AM

Car Stickers available now!.( details on the Articles for sale page.)

e mails
19/4/15 3:31:14 PM

If anyone needs to get in touch please note new e mail address, which is


I can no longer accept e mails from my old orangehome e mail address.

thanks Linda

New, Bone China Mug, gift card and tag
6/10/11 10:51:56 PM

To Celebrate Elkhound Rescue Fund 40th Anniversary, artist Jane Smith has produced a bone china mug, "Beauty" it is from the temptation range and features a lovely Elkhound head, there is also a plain gift card and tag in the same design

Prices :   Mug 11.90    Gift tag: 40p      Gift card 85p  plus 2.98 recorded delivery

12/9/10 9:02:53 PM

This is similar in idea to the anxiety wraps, the Thundershirt simply fastens round your dog to make it feel secure like a jacket, in cases of fireworks, thunder or loud noises etc. To measure, simply measure round the chest at the deepest part, you do not need a paypal account, you can be invoiced and pay by debit/credit card

Have a look at the website www.funtimedogshop.com on the left hand side look for "SALE" then click on "DESIGNER SEARCH", scroll down until you come to Thundershirt, and great news for all UK Elkhound orders, shipping to the UK will be $8 and every order received, $10 will be donated to our rescue, please ensure you tell them you saw the advert on the rescue website.

origins of Elkhound Rescue
22/5/10 08:40:30 AM

Check out our new web page - "Origins of Elkhound Rescue Fund"